BM Lojistik
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City Load Transportation

It is the delivery of the products in the city as specified by our customers who are suitable for the transportation rules in freight transport and on the time of adrese specified.

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Cross-County Freight Forwarding

We offer the best quality service of our sector for our valuable customers with our intercity transportation expert team, technological infrastructure and reasonable price policy.

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Project Carrying

Project transport is BM Logistics's reassembly once the ship has been delivered in bulk or semi-demounted in terms of weight.


BM Logistics has been serving in central Istanbul since 2000. Our company has made important progress with its vision of becoming one of the leading companies in Turkey in domestic and domestic transportation. BM Logistics has the R-1 Proof of Entitlement, which is necessary for carrying and organizing on the Turkish roads by fulfilling all the substances of the changing road law. BM Logistics has adopted the principle of trust and satisfaction of our valued customers. To this end, our esteemed customers are provided with high quality service, reasonable price policy and all technological innovations and all kinds of storage for dry goods, metal, furniture, forest products, construction materials, plastic products, paper, technological products, machinery, food, and all types of raw and finished goods operate in complex and partial freight forwarding areas. BM Logistics has come forward with its stability, speed, continuity and favorable price policy. We are happy to serve our customers with excitement and passion for the first day.